QSL1000 Spring lift table & QAL1000 Quick airbag loader

Fitur Rotating Work Table:

  • Kanthi otomatis njaga beban ing dhuwur sing cocog kanggo mbukak lan mbukak manual
  • Ora mbutuhake tenaga listrik
  • Desain stabil ora butuh ketinggalan lantai.
  • Dasar cilik ngidini karya bisa ngadeg cedhak karo Lift Gunting Industri ing posisi apa wae.
  • Gampang pindhah menyang lokasi wae kanthi pilihan meja pilihan tanpa forklift.

Compare with general lift tables, this QSL1000 series Spring Level Loader  and QAL1000 airbag pallet positioner  is a rotating lift table which can automatically maintain a load at the ideal height for manual loading and unloading without any electric or any manual operation, this lift table with rotate plate can automatically maintain at the top of the load as the working height to  reduce the discomfort of long-term bending just with the spring force of the spring/airbag and the gravity of the cargo.

Acara video:



  • i-Angkat Ora.13136011313604
    Kapasitaskg (lb.)200-2000(440-4400)100-2000(220-4400)
    Kompres dhuwurmm (ing.)240(9.4)265(10.4)
    Dhuwur lengkapmm (ing.)710(28)710(28)
    Cincin putar, ing njaba.mm (ing.)1110(44)1110(44)
    Puteri puteran, ing njero.mm (ing.)1035(40.7)1035(40.7)
    Panjang Rangka Dasarmm (ing.)1150(45.3)1150(45.3)
    Jembar Rangka Dasarmm (ing.)930(36.6)930(36.6)
    PilihanAngkat meja Mover

Detail QAL1000:

It has an air charging port and pressure regulating knob, so you can adjust the height by adjust the air pressure. This can make up for the problem of oil leakage from ordinary Stationary Lift table

QSL1000 Details:



The frame of the Spring Activated Lift Table can handle loads of up to 4400 lbs. In order to adapt the unit for different pallet loads, the springs are changed. The springs are chosen to match the weight and height of a fully loaded pallet. A unit may have one to three springs. Each time the pallet weight or pallet height is changed, the springs may also need to be  changed. Instructions will show you how the springs are selected. Each spring is color-coded with paint mark at one end.

Kalebu 3 sumber kanthi ukuran sing beda, sampeyan bisa nglumpukake kanthi bebas miturut kapasitas lan dhuwur sing dibutuhake. Dilengkapi "kanthong" forklift mbisakake transportasi ing antarane wilayah kerja sing beda. "Angkat meja pengatur" uga pilihan kanggo wilayah sing forklift ora kasedhiya.

Load weight range is 440 lbs. to 4,400 lbs. The Spring Pallet Positioner allows for 360° rotation for easy load access. Fork pockets also come standard for repositioning of theTurntable platform.

Apa bedane antarane Airbag Loader utawa spring loaded scissor lift table?

  • Stabilitas: compared with the Spring Pallet lever loader , the Airbag Level Loader is more stable, not easy to bump, and the shock absorption performance is better.
  • Cara pangaturan gear sing beda: the Spring Pallet scissor Lift table  has 3 springs, which can only be combined into different three loads by different combinations of three springs; The Airbag Pallet handing lift table can be adjusted arbitrarily by changing the air pressure.
  • Range muatan is different: the minimum load of spring Industrial Scissor Liftsis 440KG, the minimum load of air Skid Carousel Positioner can be less than 100KG, or even smaller.
  • Cara pangaturan sing beda: it is convenient to adjust the load of the airbag Pallet leveller. It only needs to deflate and inflate, and it can be completed under the condition of heavy objects on the table, without removing the table. But the spring Pallet Positioner  needs to be removed from the table to replace the spring collocation to adjust the load.
  • Platform airbag kudu dilengkapi pompa hawa.

It is also a rotating platforma it can realize the operation of each side by rotating the surface of the spring lifters, so the workers can easily complete all loading and unloading works just keep the same posture. Not only improves productivity but also protects workers from long time bending.

As weight is added to the Spring Actuated Level Loader , it causes the springs to compress, lowering the height of the platform. As weight is removed, the springs expand, raising the height of the lift and rotate table . Once properly calibrated for the maximum load weight, the lift will automatically stay at an ergonomic height.